Efficiency is a stepping stone to innovation


Systems are an essential aspect of all businesses but modern businesses have seen an increase in that degree of importance. These systems can be both physical and digital in nature. As both businesses and our personal lives change at a faster rate to account for the numerous new services, tools, and methodologies we must think more holistically in our systems design. I have leveraged a systems design thinking during my time at the University of Auckland as well as my time with the New Zealand Government. Seeking to connect existing data, tools, and user experiences to new requirements and resources is a difficult task. This task takes patience, good communication, and persistence. I seek to provide all these qualities and more in my systems design service.





The nature of this service is similar to that of project management, in fact this is merely a specific type of project management. We begin by assessing the goals of the organization or individual. From this point we seek to assess current resources, abilities, and limitations. A thorough assessment is completed and options are presented. Once a decision has been made by the client the option then exists for me to continue to be involved in the implementation of the solution or it can be handed back over to the client for implementation. The nature of each problem is unique, as is the solution but the consistence factor is my passionate, patient, and persistent service methodology.


If you are looking to update your physical and/or digital systems then look to me for help. The task of digital transformation and/or process innovation can be quite daunting. My typical rate of around $50 to $75 per hour is a very cost effective way to progress your competitiveness in a hyper competitive, modern world.


If you're looking for assistance with a project that doesn't necessary involve the improved design of new or existing systems then you may be interested in my project management service. Or perhaps you're just seeking support or training services? Those are available as well and are described on my services pages.

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