Always evolving my service portfolio


It has been my tendency since childhood to accumulate new skills. This was the origin of my interest in computers as well as a range of things from engineering, science, and business. This idea of always being open to learning new things allows me to offer a diverse range of services to my clientele. In addition to the more standardized services I have listed there are also additional services that revolve loosely around antique restoration, furniture building, motorcycle and automotive repair, home repairs, electronics repairs, and land management. This diverse portfolio represents my personal interests and what I tend to spend my time doing when not providing any of my set services to clients. If you'd be interested in knowing more about these, or potentially other services, please don't hesitate to make your query known.





Many people know me as a kind of jack-of-all-trades that has dabbled in numerous skilled pursuits. My strategy is to apply my inquisitive and observational mindset to new problems while leveraging my online research abilities to progress my understanding of a new problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using this ever deeping understanding of the nature of a problem, I seek to gain insights from others as well as from my client themselves. It is through this methodology that I manage to solve difficult problems that I have never before dealt with and to solve them in a reasonable timeframe.


No matter what kind of problem, I'm always interested in trying my hand to solve it. I'll apply my persistent and patient mind to your problem. My rates will vary depending on the nature of the task but should fall somewhere in the range of my other services of between $15 and $75 per hour.


I offer numerous set services like project management, IT support & training, business consulting, and systems design. While some aspects of these services may come as part of a bespoke project, you may have a more traditional project that you would like to speak with me about. Please take a look at my other services to learn more.

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