Bridging science & business


My basis in the environmental sciences starts with my education at Wake Forest University, majoring in Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences and progressing on to a Masters of Environmental Management from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. During these years of education I gained additional experience from my research travels around the world. This included a summer at the University of Michigan Biological Station where I studied wetlands, birds, and much more. Additional research was done over two months in the Amazon of Peru. Other research included biofuels research as well as spending two months researching bats in Arizona. My efforts for my masters degree revolved around innovation in the New Zealand Forestry Sector in comparison to international competitors. The overall theme off all this experience is a keen interest in the intersection of science and business, specifically in regards to renewable energy. I seek to continue to develop and leverage these experiences, interests, and abilities. If you believe that you may have a task that may benefit from these unique skills, please contact me to speak further.





The nature of the services I provide under the banner of environmental services is wide ranging. It is possible for this service to be considered a specific version of the broader project management. It can also be viewed as a skilled labor service. I have used my abilities to assist with research on new technologies being considered by corporate clients (biofuels specifically) as well as to service as field labor for both research and commercial service projects. If you believe that you have a task that may require the insights held by an individual with a practical background in environmental sciences then I look forward to speaking with you further. Every project is different and I am no stranger to a new task.


If you are looking for the assistance of someone with an environmental science background and skillset then I'm available to talk. My rates typically vary from $15 to $50 per hour depending on the specific project. I'm always interested in a new challenge and I'm not afraid of difficult field work.


Project management and Systems Design are other services that I provide which can be viewed in conjunction with my environmental science specific services. A task which blends these services or any other services that I provide is equally valid as potential clientele work. I'd be happy to discuss any thoughts or questions you may have further, just contact me!

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