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My time spent working at the University of Auckland saw my role develop as an intermediary between the institute staff and the university IT resources. I served as a representative of the 30 person institute to the IT services team. I provided first tier IT support for software, desktop, laptop, and phone resources. During my time with the New Zealand Government I again served as first tier support for the 100 or so users located in my office. It was during my time with the government that I also gained significant user training experience. The design, delivery and maintenance of the customer information system (Dynamics CRM) required a significant amount of user training. It was during this time that I developed both text and video guides for users as well as delivered dozens of on-site and in-person day long training sessions. These experiences coupled with the in-home training and assistance delivered by my own business have given me a reasonable support & training experience base from which to continue to provide such services to others.




If you or your organization require computer support or training, be it for one person or for 100 or more, I am available and capable. It is my non-IT background that provides me with an atypical perspective on the user experience. I leverage my calm demeanor to deliver a customized support and training methodology to maximize effectiveness. I will seek to work to the specific situation at hand to provide a custom solution for your needs. Reach out to me today to begin the conversation on your support and/or training needs!


If you are looking for IT support and/or training but aren't sure about the specific nature of your needs, reach out to me today to start the conversation! My rates are quite reasonable with a range typically between $20 and $35 per hour depending on the specific client requirements.


I also offer a project management service that seeks to provide a more holistic service for a specific project. Whether it's designing new systems, implementing a new resource/methodology, or something else, I'm here to provide a professional service at a fair price.

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