Innovation: difficult but necessary for success


My time spent serving individuals and small organizations through my business in New Zealand provided numerous opportunities to assist with the design of innovative business practices. Whether these practices were only locally innovative or internationally so vary but the central tenet was the same: help the client innovate to remain competitive. During the two years spent working to earn my Masters in Commercialization and Entrepreneurship it became clear that the application of an innovative mindset could be used on a broad range of scenarios with similarly complex results. I seek to help all my clients navigate this complex web of decisions, factors, and stakeholders to achieve the best possible results.





This service is the ultimate culmination of my broad skill set, seeking to tie together project management, training, support, and industry specific insights to deliver a customized solution for the client. The nature of business is ever evolving and I look to work as a partner-like mindset with my client to achieve the desired result. My interests in business provide a constantly improving perspective on modern business practices and trends. Stopping just short of claiming to be a futurist, I leverage ongoing review of international practices & tools to offer clients the most current information possible. We will work together to determine the true nature of your business, the competitive layout of the industry, your assets & weaknesses, and begin to develop a roadmap to long term success. Reach out today to begin the process of ensuring that your organization remain relevant.


Navigating the complex modern world of business and determining how to be competitive is no simple task. I work with you in a partner-like mindset to develop a customized plan to be as innovative as possible. My traditional rates vary from $40 to $75 depending on the specific nature of the client. Let's talk today!


If you know more specifically what you would like to improve, change, or implement then you may be more interested in my project management services or possibly my IT training & support services. Please take time to look over my other services to learn more.

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